by Ann Pocklington

Winston was recently voted the greatest Englishman ever in a rigged British newspaper poll, and part of his denture fetched an astonishing £15000 at auction in July 2010. The picture shown is of the latest statue of Winston Churchill in a strait jacket unveiled in Norwich England, Churchill's doctor Lord Moran said that Churchill was an unstable alcoholic depressive and should never be allowed to lead  a war effort. 

Although the Churchill papers cleverly edited out any indication of Churchill’s alcoholism and depressive mental illness during W.W.II,  British spies for the soviets made much mention of this to Moscow, now in G.R.U archives, and pres. Roosevelt is on record many times as calling him  that drunken bum.   The society osteopath and healer Stephen Ward treated our Winston with both manipulation, painting classes and pep talks, his knowledge of this and Winston’s occult interests were a possible motive for Wards murder. (see testimony of Eugene Ivanov, plus soviet G.R.U archive material )

Britain’s war fleet of fighting ships, just prior to W.W.1 was about to go over to the newly invented diesel engine which was designed to run on vegetable oils, this would bring huge benefits to Britain’s farming communities and bring work to the nations unemployed laborers.

Churchill, who lobbied before W.W.1 for Britain to go over to middle east oil fueled war ships,  was funded by Rothschild to the extent that his bank loaned us huge war loans, and put Churchill into the admiralty as first sea lord, to lobby both for war and to buy the middle east oil, and armaments from Rothschild sources.


After W W 1 ended in 1918,  the rule was instigated that old silver coins would be withdrawn from circulation and all   new British silver coins minted from 1920 would be only half silver, this rule was brought in after discussions at the Masonic temple meetings, by the Rothschild banking syndicate.  These same bankers also dictated the Versailles treaty, where large chunks of wealth, land and artworks were taken from Germany in reparations, the harshness of this treaty was largely the cause of the second world war,and when users, economic speculators and insider financiers broke the economy,  Hitler demanded it all back for the German people.

Britain used the minor polish non aggression treaty as an excuse for entering the war against Germany, when our own intelligence services said, our main enemy was Russia, and to allow the war between Russia and Germany to go ahead making it easier for us to deal with a weakened winner, but under the Natzi/Soviet pact Russia took the other half of Poland and Britian did nothing about that,  in fact “we assisted them”

Remember in 1950 we had a major grade one non aggression pact with Tibet against Chinese aggression, and when the Chinese armies were committing genocide in Tibet, we had a few letters of disgust in the Times newspaper and that was it, we did nothing. The Polish treaty was an excuse for the Focus group to finance  Churchill to call another war on Germany.
See Intell-Doc  BC/ 205 CL  

The Balfour agreement had its origins again with Rothschild demands.
Under Rothschild patronage Churchill again became first sea lord and prime minister for W. W. II where again huge war loans were given to bring about a war with Germany, and granted by the very people who wanted the war, the banking syndicates, and incidentally Britain finished  interest payments of 75%  60 years later in 2006 just in time to start paying them back the war loans for the two gulf wars.

Hitlers own book “Mien kampf “ or my struggle, tells of the clash of the two socialisms, national socialism or Naziism , which means the money in that country for the people in that country, and not available to international financiers and the money exploiters, and the world domination type socialism of the Soviet Union, but Winston Churchill under pressure from the Rothschild's turned the war between Germany and Russia into W W II. 
American archives actually blame W W II on winston Churchill.
Britain’s whole government and people wanted no involvement, but as in Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, Churchill brought W W II about on his own with Zionist owned newspapers again doing the propaganda.

In 1946 a year after the wars end  the entire silver content was removed from all British silver coinage by the British banks in favor of cu pro-nickel.
Because in 1948, the Rothschild Zionist dream of a country for Jews only was brought about through the acquisition of Palestine, financed by us.  
Lord Rothschild and his wife Tess whose code names in Russian files were listed as spies “David and Rosa”  also spied for Israel.
I personally watched Lord Rothschild given top security clearance to look through wartime files from the closed section, 30 years after the end of W.W.II why ?
The Jewish branch of my own family gives me access to documentation not available to conventional scholars, and the background conversation to Churchill’s speech at the Cambridge corn exchange on May19 1939, meant he was long  in planning another war  to assist the Zionist cause, and in 1954 he pressured Sir Anthony Eden to allow Israel into the British commonwealth,
 Documentation exists today for Israel’s entry into the E.E.C in 2012.

Remember the Haushoffer plan for a united Europe as instigated by Hitler, and displayed in detail in Rudolph Hess’s visit to Britain, was opposed by Churchill and his Zionist paymasters who would bring about a war to stop it, but now Israel actually wants to be part of Hitler’s “Haushoffer plan”.

Churchill far from being Britain’s greatest Englishman is seen by many as perhaps its biggest traitor, bringing us perhaps needlessly into two world wars, Churchill changed political parties 4 times in his career and considered it several more, this treachery meant he was known in the house of commons as 'the shit house' an abbreviation of his initials WC.
Plans also exist for the dissolution of Britain into regional zones,  under one political figure,
(see London constabulary documents )

Part of this has been revealed through the freedom if information act, John Prescott telephone intercepts defector evidence, Zionist monitoring and Mossad transmission intercepts,  and various  Humint. ( Human intelligence sources ) with special thanks to CIA researchers and Pat Buchanan
T Stokes London

• FOOTNOTE : Because big hotels have so many visitors from abroad,
Senior staff are usually in the pay of intelligence services, a J.I.C. memo  exists that says to ensure informants are not being paid twice for the same info from different national Intel organizations.

After W.W.II, when Winston Churchill was thrown out of office by the electorate, he was given a bugged luxury suite at Claridge’s hotel, paid for by the film producer Alexander Korda, ( real name Sandor Laszlo Kellner ) a  long term Jewish activist working undercover for the Soviets, he asked for lord Rothschild to continue paying Churchill’s huge drinks gambling and whoring bill, to know that Churchill was acting as an agent for foreign paymasters, in the same way as Tony Blair was exposed with the Lord Levy revelations.

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