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It's Not Unusual

by Tony Jones    

I am sure that you have heard of cities with names that have a history attached to them. Normal names like Los Angeles, the City of Angels, New York, Newark, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and the likes.

I was sitting here laughing with a female friend about some trilogies and stories from my past. I informed her that when I was working for National Airlines, a woman called and asked me if we had a flight to Intercourse, PA. I almost fell out of the chair, because surely I was on the receiving end of a joke. She didn’t laugh and repeated what she had asked me. She stated, “Look it up!” I thought that she would eventually burst out laughing. We had a guide called the OAG (Official Airline Guide). Sure enough, there was a place, right outside of Hershey, PA with that name. I was in total awe.

Years later, I was working for a cruise line and one of the rich folks wanted to book a cruise starting in Thailand and wanted to originate in Phuket. I thought to myself, “Here we go again!” Well, I did find the resort area of Phuket, but my tongue was too heavy to even begin to pronounce it. It’s a beautiful seaside city near Chalong Bay, that truly exists.

Out of curiosity, I began to research different names bestowed on cities around the world. I’m sure the residents of those various cities are proud of where they live, work and play. Places like Cut And Shoot, TX; Run Fast, MS (make sure you have your passport to get out); Cool, CA; Climax, GA; Between, GA; Shitbreeches Creek, CA; Bang Bang Jump Up, Australia; Hell, Norway; Bootlegger, AZ and Christmas, FL. Some are R and X rated, but they do exist.

One that I found hard-pressed to believe was F_cking, Austria. A town where the mayor is pleading with locals and tourist to stop stealing the signs. There is also a sign below it, in German, that reads, “Slow down! Not so fast!”

Now as I write this, you may think that your leg is being pulled royally. Well, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger – I did too. You are very aware that the Internet contains so much information that you may never digest all of it in a lifetime. There is a site that contains the funniest city and town names that you have ever heard. It’s funnytowns.com  and once you access it, you too will become a believer.

And after you read this almost unbelievable article, save your pennies and vacation in Mianus, CT, a name that got so good to someone, New York and Ohio followed suit.

I hope that you don’t find the truth offensive and can find the humor this piece is intended to bring to you. We all need to laugh frequently – remember a smile turned upside down is a frown. Frowns cause wrinkles!

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