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The "Commy Obama" -- Slur Again

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson


The 2012 Presidential election night is 16 months away, but that didn't stop the professional President Obama loathers from committing what will probably be the first of much malicious mischief to disrupt, disinform, and confuse voters and slur Obama. The slur the hacker or hackers chose was the standard, insipid "commy Obama." The hacked site steered readers and supporters to two sham anti-government events supposedly hosted by the "Commy Obama."

The goofball punch line for the "event" was the knock that big government lies, shoves out goodies to freeloaders, and that hardworking taxpayers pay the freight for the government largesse. This all supposedly is the signature trademark of the Obama administration. The temptation is to shrug off this tripe as the product of haywire tech geeks with too much time on their hands and too little brain in their skulls. The problem with that is the Obama equals big government and by extension closet socialism rap has been the calling card attack hit on Obama from the moment he declared his candidacy for the White House.

There hasn't been a moment in the more than four years since that moment that Obama hasn't had to hear that everything he's proposed, financial reform, health care reform, ending tax breaks for the rich, curtailing some tax perks for corporations, backing stronger consumer protections, and defense of unions has been socialist tinged if not part of a larger conspiracy to topple free enterprise. Like any other lie, if it's repeated often and loud enough, it becomes fact in the minds of those that hunger to think and believe the worst about Obama.

The worst about him or any other politician is that they are too left, too radical. But there's always been a snide political calculation at work in the slur of Obama as a socialist. And it has had an enduring shelve life. There are millions of references, quotes, quips, comments, and notations on search engines tarring Obama as a socialist. The wildly fallacious and loaded term sticks on him for many in part because of the ignorance of what socialism is, in part because of the age-old GOP knock of Democrats as pro-tax and spend, big government, and dovish on defense, and in bigger part because of him.

The mildest criticism of big business and the wealthy have long brought howls of socialism. The American economic sacred cow is that laissez-faire wealth is tantamount to a divine right of kings, and any attempt to touch it is economic heresy. Politicians know that's it is a kiss of death to be seen as an advocate for tax and income fairness. The debate over financial reform, health care reform, and a consumer protection agency were textbook examples of how reforms that benefit the majority of poor and working persons and even the middle class are routinely bent, twisted, and assailed as socialist tinged.

This stokes fear that underneath the Democrat's supposed taxing and spending the rich will be hammered and the poor will be the beneficiaries. The wealth taking scare has worked in the past precisely because wealth and income iniquities are so great, and the notion that there's nothing wrong with those iniquities is so deeply entrenched in tax policy, philosophy and politics.

Any talk of putting more wealth into the hands of the non-wealthy in the way of tax cuts, a Social Security tax increase on upper income wage earners, capital gain increases, and closing tax shelter loopholes is plainly regarded as wealth redistribution downward.
In times past mere mention of raising the debt ceiling would have brought forth a collective bored yawn from the public, and was passed pro-forma by Congress. This time is different. It's a gargantuan political tug of war between Obama and the GOP leaders with the strong undercurrent that Obama is trying to hike the debt ceiling as a cover to continue to tax and spend the government into bankruptcy to further his alleged radical big government expansion economic agenda. Despite continued public fury at Wall Street and the Big Banks for their greed and profiteering, it hasn't stopped the whispers and murmurs that there's something sinister afoot in Obama's mild push to reign in the worst of banking and corporate abuses.

Obama has spent much time assuring the GOP, Wall Street, and corporate leaders that he is willing to cut government excess and compromise on tax reform that target the rich and tougher financial regulations but this isn't enough to stop the veiled talk that he's still "commy Obama." It didn't take a loose hinged hacker or hackers to slap that label on his hacked campaign website to convince far too many that there's some truth to that.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. He is the Monday co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on Radio One. He is an associate editor of New America Media. He is host of the weekly Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour on KTYM Radio Los Angeles streamed on podcast on and internet TV broadcast on
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