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Bush consorts with Moonies, criminals in Ibero-America

Sir George Bush's five-nation tour of Ibero-America on Nov. 20-25, 1996, was an organizing offensive with an ``I'm in charge here'' message. In every speech, not only did he demand implementation of a Western Hemisphere Free Trade Accord (WHFTA), which he had set into motion as President, but he also made clear that his dynasty--his sons--were the important politicians of the future with whom people will have to deal. William Clinton is just an unfortunate interruption in the Bush drive for a ``new world order,'' he implied. Bush hasn't hidden the fact that he's raising large amounts of money to buy the Presidency in the year 2000, for his son George W. Bush, now governor of Texas.
The man who financed Bush's power-play in Ibero-America is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, head of the Unification Church, with documented ties to gun- and drug-trafficking, money-laundering, and other nefarious activities. Thus, it is no surprise that Bush used his Ibero-American jaunt to champion the British colonial doctrine of free trade, and to attack, as he did in Peru, the Clinton administration's anti-drug policy.
Everywhere he went, Bush tried to promote his image as a still-powerful former President and policymaker. But he didn't have an easy time of it, not least because of his ties to the filthy Moon empire, but also because he is under investigation back home for his role in directing the crack-cocaine flow into the United States in the 1980s to fund the Contras' war in Nicaragua. In every country, he was greeted by advertisements and press articles denouncing him and Moon for their crimes. Some of the coverage was taken straight from {EIR}. In Peru, Bush became so unhinged by this publicity, that he had Peruvian police arrest three organizers of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement (MSIA) who used {EIR} materials to leaflet against his presence.
His trip to Peru was arranged by Interbank, whose managing director, Ismael Benavides, led the campaign against a new banking law. Interbank is partly owned by Nicholas Brady, Bush's former treasury secretary and good friend who accompanied him in Lima. The proposed new bank-regulation law includes provisions against drug-money-laundering, for which the Clinton administration has been organizing in discussions with the Peruvian and other Ibero-American governments. During his 30-hour visit to Lima, Bush promoted Interbank, leading Peru's {Si} magazine to remark on Nov. 26 that Bush's trip was the banks' ``last card'' against the banking law.
Bush was received by the Presidents of Venezuela, Brazil, and Peru during his tour, and he was even housed at the Presidential residence in Buenos Aires at the invitation of Argentine President Carlos Menem. He also made a point of meeting with Venezuela's former President and convicted felon, Carlos Andreas Perez, a criminal who shares Bush's policy outlook of smashing the nation-state. Perez's ties to the Cali drug cartel have been documented by {EIR}. Whenever possible, Bush also praised former Mexican President and now-fugitive Carlos Salinas de Gortari, for helping him to consolidate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
The crowning point of the tour, and the one which gained the most notoriety, was the ceremony for the founding of Reverend Moon's new newspaper, {Tiempos del Mundo}, in Buenos Aires. As the featured speaker at the event, Bush received a 6-figure fee. Publicity surrounding the event was so hot, however, that President Menem did not appear. His advisers recommended that he not be seen in public with Moon. And no wonder. Moon told the diners: ``When you were kids, did you ever taste the cooties from your nose? Were they sweet or sour? Why didn't you feel they were dirty? Because that's a part of your body. The Rev. Moon has discovered something that no one else had thought about,'' said Moon. ``When you defecate, do you use a mask? This is no laughing matter, this is serious,'' said the Korean would-be Messiah, for whom ``the dividing line between heaven and hell is located ... in the sexual organ. I want you all to center on the unique sexual organ, the unchangable sexual organ, and that you use it as the foundation to search for God.'' Bush accompanied Moon to Montevideo, Urugay, were the Korean cult leader led an ``evangelization seminar'' for 4,200 Japanese maidens, who are being sent to spread Moon's gospel throughout Ibero-America.
Also speaking at ``The Americas in the 21st Century'' seminar in Buenos Aires were two other prominent Bushmen: Bush's partner in Barrick Gold, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and the point man for Bush's Contra operation at the State Department in the 1980s, former Assistant Secretary Elliott Abrams.
Mulroney predicted that ``One day NAFTA will integrate all the nations of America,'' but only if the United States leads the effort. ``The tendency which accuses the U.S. is dangerous,'' he said, adding that the 1994 Summit of the Americas in Miami began to turn that around. Abrams, once known as ``Mr. Narc-Contra,'' called for a war to defeat those who oppose NAFTA: The United States ``now must understand how much its future depends on Latin America, and has to open up.... We have to stop the United States from retreating. There is always someone who loses, and those who lose, fight; they must be defeated so that free trade can advance.''--{Cynthia Rush}

The preceding article is a rough version of the article that appeared in The Executive Intelligence Review. It is made available here with the permission of The Executive Intelligence Review. Any use of, or quotations from, this article must attribute them to The Executive Intelligence Review.

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