My Name Is Cocaine

Beware my friend my name is cocaine, coke for short. I entered this country without a passport, ever since then, IĎve been hunted and sought by junkies and pushers and plain clothes dicksí. Mostly my users, who need a quick fix. Iím more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold, use me just once and you will be sold.
Iíll make a school boy forget his books.
Iíll make a beauty queen neglect her looks.
Iíll take a renown speaker and make him a bore.
Iíll take your mama an make her a whore.
Iíll make a school teacher forget how to teach.
Iíll make a preacher not want to preach. 
All kinds of people have fallen under my wing, just look around you can see the results of my sting.
Iíve got daughters turning on their mother.
Iíve got sisters robbing their brothers.
Iíve got burglars robbing the lordís house.
Iíve got husbands pimping their spouse.
Iím king of crime and the prince of destruction.
Iíll cause the organs of your body to malfunction.
Iíll cause your babies to be born hooked.
Iíll turn the honest of men into crooks.
Iíll make you rob, steal and kill when youíre under my power, you have no will.
Remember my friend, my nameís big ďCĒ, the rock, some call me the white lady.
Iíve destroyed actors, politicians and sport heroes.
Iíve decreased bank accounts from millions to zero.
Iím a bad habit, to tough for the man.
Iíve caused the law to invest in the battering-ram, yeah! I'm raising hell all over the earth, donít believe me, just check out brynhurst.
Iíve got them standing on corners yelling ďrockĒ.
Iíve made it where shootings and stabbing are common on the block.
Well, now you know, what will you do?

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