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Deardra Shuler Articles
Al Jarreau: "Givin' It Up"
Gloria Lynne: Wishing Her Audience Love at theTribeca Performing Arts Center
Suzanne Kay and Mark Bamford: Bringing the Cape of Good Hope to America
Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner: Honored For Imitation of Life
Razia Said: Her Music is Magical
Stacy-Ann Gooden: On The Road To Her Destiny
Sherman Irby: Living On Faith
Carla Cook: Jazz is Her Signature
Linda Powell: Believing in Synchronicity
Amanda Jhones: The Lady with the Midas Touch
Kenny Barron: Saluting the Legends At The Rose Theater
Marian Etoile Watson: Casting Caution to the Wind
Howard Dodson: The Man Behind the Schomburg Center
Louis Hayes: Living His Dream
Omar Epps: The Brother In "Brother"
Terrorism, Has It Come To The U.S., Or Has It Always Been Here?
William Greaves: Documenting The Truth About Black History In Film
Lonnie Youngblood: Music Is My Tribute
Gerald Wilson: 6 Decades of Outstanding Music
Jeremiah: A Voice Fans will be "Chasing Forever."
Shauntay Hinton: The Crown for a Year, The Thrill of a Lifetime
Dr. Anthony Griffin: The Expert on Ethnic Skin
Lawrence Otis Graham: Campaigning For Postal Stamp to Honor First Black Senator
Big Bub: Involved in A "Tug of War"
A Latin Explosion At Hostos
Speaking Loudly about "Silence"
Conversation with a Legend

High Hopes
Tisa Chang
The Healing Zone
Elisabeth Withers-Mendes: It Can Happen To Anyone
Brice Carrington: The Sound "Go To" Guy
Dick Gidron Takes GM to Court
Gregory Davis: Remembering the Magus of Music
Eva Bornstein: Bringing the Stars to the Bronx
The Classic Soul of Paula West
Three Mo' Tenors
"The Diva and the Rapper" Bridge the Generation Gap
Roy Ayers: His Sunshine is Ubiquitous
Willette Murphy Klausner: The Woman Behind Three Mo' Tenors
Kriss Turner: Her Film Offers Women of Color Alternatives
Dionne Warwick: Rising to Her Blessings
Dorothy Height: Paying Tribute to A Living Legend
Randy Weston: In Synch with the Rhythms of Africa
Student Produced Performance to Infuse African Dance & Rhythm with Hip Hop
Craig Harris: Jazz Composer Unveils "God's Trombones"
Kendra C. Johnson: The Positive Side of Phat Girlz
Magnificent Seven Score At Carnegie Hall
Mo'Nique: Bountiful Ladies Have a F.A.T. Chance On Oxygen
Johnathan Rodgers
Ladies Sing the Blues
Gerard Dures: A Master at his Craft
Star Jones Reynolds: Oh How the Lady Does ‘Shine!’
Dr. Jose Belizario: Saving Your Life via Early AIDS Testing
Adriane Lenox: Without A "Doubt" A Tony Award Winner

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