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Terrorism, Has It Come To The U.S., Or Has It Always Been Here?
Deardra Shuler
September, 2001

"The enemy is hidden. The Enemy is very often right here with our country." Colin Powell

The American people are often entertained by movies that feature plots that seem plausible, even possible, but that flies in the face of what the public accepts as true. After all, it is only a movie. The writer's intent, we surmise, is not to inform us but only to entertain us, or so we convince ourselves. It never occurs to us that sometimes truth can be cloaked in mystery, in fiction, in fairytale. People of note have often disguised their message; Jesus in parable, Michael Nostradamus in quatrains of prognostication and H.G. Wells in fiction.

Today, I present a tale, a tale of terrorism. Some will think it a fantastic tale and others will insist it be. But perhaps the people of color will understand and maybe even wonder. Is it true? I leave that for you to determine. Has terror just arrived upon our shores? Ask the Native American whose land and culture was ripped from them and whose multiple tribes so terrorized, many of them were made extinct. A PBS documentation once showed acres and acres of graveyard with each gravestone representing a nation of Native American, not an individual grave, but a tombstone representing a tribe of Indian that no longer exists. Even today, The Bureau of Indian Affairs still exists. A governmental bureau that has done little to improve the condition of the American Indian or assure they have a voice. Ask the Asian American, who in World War II was interred in American concentration camps, their property seized yet no German American received the same fate. Ask the African American who was forced into slavery, whose culture was lost and whose bodies hung from southern trees, while the American Court system legally imprisoned them and worse. Ask why every Black group of Freedom Fighters - The Black Panthers, etc., were pursued, killed, and jailed. A bomb was dropped on several Philadelphia blocks to get rid of a Black 'militant' group, yet the KKK (America's premiere Terrorists) are allowed to continue to terrorize even march down streets touting hate. They are allowed to recruit openly and their rights are upheld with impunity. Has terrorism just come to America? Ask the people of color. And now, we need to ask why in a country that claims to be so just and fair, the Palestinian point of view or position is never told. One can pick up a mainstream newspaper and will never read the Arab position or hear their grievances. Why is that? What are we afraid of that we do not even allow ourselves to listen to their side of the issue, ever?

Who is Osama bin Laden? Osama bin Laden is the prodigy of Saudi Arabian construction magnate Muhammad Awad bin Laden. His mother is said to be a Palestinian. Bin Laden's father amassed a fortune from a number of successful contracting and construction companies. This family of 53 children is estimated to have a fortune in the billions of dollars with Osama inheriting at least $300 million as his share. Although, he himself, has amassed his own fortune placing him amongst the extremely wealthy of the world. A graduate of Riyadh University, Bin Laden was not unknown to the Bush Family.
According to research uncovered, reputable sources from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times mention a man named James Bath. Mr. Bath was used as a cash funnel, according to these sources, for Sheikh bin Laden, to set George W. Bush up in business. There is mention of the connection between G.W. Bush, the bin Laden family and the Bank Commerce Credit International (BCCI). According to this information, bin Laden backed BCCI money was funneled into the Bush family in return for favors. As the story goes, Bath made his fortune by investing money for Mahfouz and Sheikh bin-Laden who were original investors in George Bush Jr.'s oil exploration company (See "The Outlaw Bank" page 229 and "False Profits", page 365). Bath, who was a neighbor and friend of George Bush, was alleged to be recruited into the CIA by George Bush in 1976 when Bush was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Bath was also alleged to be a friend to Boy George (W. Bush) as both flew together in the same Air National Guard unit.

Since he was established as a conduit for CIA funds in the 1980's, Osama bin Laden, whose funds were originally inherited from his father, Sheikh bin Laden's BCCI investments, has been operating out of Afghanistan. "Afghanistan was by far the biggest CIA operation of all time, both in terms of dollars spent ($5-$6 billion) and personnel involved..." (Source: the book The CIA's Greatest Hits). Bin Laden was our boy in the Middle East at one time. We trained him in CIA sponsored terrorist camps set up in Afghanistan. He was trained and went on to train others to commit terrorist acts against the Russians on behalf of the American government. According to the book, ("False Profits", page 370), "A BCCI bribery connection went straight to the George Bush oval office. After GW Bush's company, Arbrusto, went bust, the bin Laden connection with BCCI went to work once again to uphold the president's son and to buy influence. GW swapped out shares until he had an interest in a new company, Harken Energy, which quickly received a lucrative oil concession in Bahrain. An extraordinary number of people connected to Harken or the oil deal have ties to BCCI...Sheikh Khalifa bin-Salman al-Khalifa helped to ensure that Harken was awarded the offshore drilling contract...Sheikh Abdullah Taha Baksh..Ghairth Pharaon...Bin Mahfouz...Talat Othman have even visited the White House..." (Source: "False Profits," page 370.)

In 1991, Bin Laden relocated to Sudan after having been expelled by the Saudi government for anti-government activities. At that time, he also fell into disfavor with his own family. It was shortly after the Gulf War that Bin Laden became disenchanted with the U.S. government, especially when US troops landed in Saudi Arabia and remained there. He launched a local movement to force US troops out of the country, accusing them of the defilement of the Muslim holy places of Mecca and Medina.

In May of 1996, Sudan expelled bin Laden under threat of UN sanctions. Bin Laden took refuge in Afghanistan, where his support for and participation in Islamic extremism continued and where he continued to attract zealots, some that had trained under him in Afghanistan. Bin Laden's goal it is claimed is to unite all Muslims and to establish a government that follows the rule of the Caliphs. Bin Laden has stated that the only way to establish the Caliphate is by force. The goal, therefore, is to overthrow nearly all Muslim governments, which Bin Laden views as "corrupt," in order to drive Western influence from those countries.

It appears to be the unanimous opinion of the experts that bin Laden is a creature of a US foreign policy which recklessly fed and nurtured him and his Islamic warriors with million of dollars worth of money and arms to fight the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. The money was funnelled largely through Pakistan's maverick Inter-Services Intelligence. Even though at the time, Bin Laden and his holy warriors had made it clear that the US was as much an anathema to them as the communists. Now it appears the CIA is trying to destroy the same camps it helped set up and point a finger at Bin Laden, who is presently ill as a result of cancer, depicting him as a fearsome international terrorist. Bin Laden, who relocated to Afghanistan in 1996, has been on the US terrorism watchlist ever since.

The odd thing is that he has been on the US watchlist, yet 5 planes are allowed to veer off course, turnaround and head in the opposite direction, fly 45 minutes toward NY and Washington and no one is alerted. 18 minutes pass between strikes on the World Trade Center building and yet our air base in NJ, that has planes that fly the speed of light, doesn't arrive immediately at the WTC to prevent the second strike. The first strike is at 8:45 a.m., the second at 9:03 and then Washington gets struck after 10:00 a.m., certainly in enough time for alarm bells to go off in Washington to protect the symbol of our military might, the Pentagon. The most protected airspace in America is penetrated. How is this possible? We are struck at the heart of our financial and military might. Yet nothing was done in time. Several of Bin Laden's people were reported by intelligence in August as being suspicious, yet it was ignored in Washington. What's the official excuse? We were asleep at the wheel. That is a whole lot of sleeping, especially since it was the 2nd strike on the WTC not the first and don't forget the terrorist strike in Oklahoma.

This is a vulnerable time for America, with emotions running high, so we are apt not to look in all directions before rushing into a Middle East Viet Nam. Let us ask ourselves who benefits from a war in these oil countries? Before we rush to war with a people we do not understand let us first be sure.
I end this article with the words of Lewis Carol from his fairytale, Alice in Wonderland:

"Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be. It would. You see?"

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